Ben Kluss (aka Jamin), Joel Crosswell and Joshua Andree

Ben Kluss (aka Jamin)

After completing his doctorate at the University of Tasmania School of Creative Arts and Media, street artist Ben Kluss (pictured), also known as Jamin, (SVC 1988-93) has endeavoured to foster a sense of belonging and wellbeing around greater Hobart.

He has recently been commissioned to bring the University of Tasmania’s Hobart city campus to life. To view a collection of Jamin’s work go to

Joel Crosswell

Artist Joel Crosswell (SVC 1996-97)  took the opportunity to showcase his work during the 2022 Dark Mofo festival. His exhibit, entitled Anthropoid, depicted life size apes gathering in a barren wasteland, filled with fog and ominous red light.

Joel graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2008 and has been the recipient of several awards including the City of Devonport Award Winner in 2014 and the MONA Prize within the Hobart City Art Prize (Winner) in 2011.

View some of Joel’s here:

Joshua Andree

Joshua (SVC 2005-08) lives and works in Hobart and graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2015  with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours. Joshua has developed a concentrated studio practice and has exhibited regularly. He has been a finalist in the Henry Jones art Prize, the RACT Tasmanian Portrait Prize and in 2021 was a finalist in the Glover Prize for Landscape painting. Josh focuses on Tasmanian landscapes and will hold his next exhibition, entitled Water in the Sky, at Hobart’s Colville Gallery from July 5-25.

There was a feature article by Linda Smith on Josh and his upcoming exhibition in The Mercury’s Tasweekend magazine (July 2). The picture of Josh by Linda Higginson accompanied the article.

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