Br Terry Burke, Br Tom Kearney, Br Tim Moloney, Br Sean McManus reach milestone jubilees.

Congratulations to Br Terry Burke (SVC1964-66) on his 70th jubilee as a Christian Brother, to Br Tom Kearney (SVC1981) on his 60th jubilee, and Br Tim Moloney (St Peters/SVC 1989-96) and Br Sean McManus (SVC 1989-94) on their 50th jubilees. The College is appreciative of their contributions to the boys of southern Tasmania.

Three of the aforementioned jubilarians are pictured above (from left, Br Terry Burke, Br Sean McManus and Br Tim Moloney). Br Tom Kearney was not present as he was in Africa at the time Australian brothers gathered for the collective celebration.

However, an internet search revealed the following bio.

Br Tom Kearney - Tangaza College, Kenya

Br Tom Kearney, is an Australian and has lived in Africa since 1995. He has ministry experience as a community-based counsellor, as a formator, a lecturer, and an administrator at Tangaza University College, as well as the District Leader of the Christian Brothers in East Africa. His involvement in these ministries and his background in Psychology and Spirituality studies, has made him aware of the personal issues and dynamics of the struggle through life and the various unjust social arrangements, which have kept people in their social situations. His working with these people, especially those at the margins, has created an awareness of the need to have a developed Spirituality which is able to take account of the realities of life – relationship to the world, to the people in the world, to self and to God – and to be able to reconcile these with Christian beliefs. He discovered the need to have well integrated leaders in ministry who would be able to work with their people to transform society as the way to address the undesirable inequalities.

Christian Brother Jubilarians

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