Now in its fifth year, the Alex Gadomski Cup was held on Thursday June 23...

to raise awareness and funds for the Alex Gadomski Fellowship, supporting Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision in researching Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome. Created by the Gadomski family, the Alex Gadomski Gala Day honours the life of the former St Virgil’s student, who died from bone marrow failure at the age of 21 in 2017.

Whilst St Virgil’s College and The Hutchins School have proud football heritage and rivalry, the sportsmanship and courage on display epitomised the greater cause and players instinctively understood the expectations that come with the honour of participating in the Gala Day. Alex represented the College in many different sports. His brothers Jordan and Lachlan also attended the College, with Lachlan serving as the College Captain in 2016. Lachie Gadomski was on hand on the day to present the Alex Gadomski Cup and Courage Medal for the Year 9/10 match.

Alex’s remarkable story story was featured in the July 2021 edition of OVAtions and can be viewed on the Association’s website along with past publications:

The results of the day are below:

Curtain Raiser 1- Years 5/6

HUT 2.10.22 def SVC 2.1.13

Alex Gadomski Courage Medal Winner - Billy Banks-Smith, HUT

Curtain Raiser 2 - Years 7/8

SVC 13.9.87 def HUT 2.3.15

Alex Gadomski Courage Medal Winner - Samuel Orr, SVC

Alex Gadomski Cup and SSATIS Grand Final - Years 9/10

SVC 11.9.75 def HUT 7.7.49

Alex Gadomski Courage Medal Winner - Harry Sylvester, SVC

Alex Gadomski Gala Day

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